The Infinite Skirt Dress in Light Blue

Hayley Starr


  • The Infinite Skirt Dress in Light Blue
  • The Infinite Skirt Dress in Light Blue
  • The Infinite Skirt Dress in Light Blue
  • The Infinite Skirt Dress in Light Blue
  • The Infinite Skirt Dress in Light Blue
  • The Infinite Skirt Dress in Light Blue
  • The Infinite Skirt Dress in Light Blue

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The original Hayley Starr Convertible Infinity Dress was created in 2002 and has sold tens of thousands on QVC and The Today Show! This Best Seller style can be worn over 50 ways, you simply change the look by twisting and wrapping the neck, back & waistline, making it perfect for bridesmaids, travel, and even pregnancy. This timeless ‘one-size’ (well, 2 sizes, one for the curvy Goddesses) dress looks amazing on all body types and shapes, dressed up for formal occasions or down for daytime… Ideal for any occasion. The super soft wrinkle-free Venza Jersey drapes beautifully and is machine washable! Available in 9 gorgeous colors. 

Available in 2 sizes: S (fits 0-14),  L (fits 14-22) 

Fabric: Venezia -  95% Polyester and 5% Spandex

Made in Los Angeles, CA... USA!







"Like my true self. If I were to draw a picture of how joyful and beautiful I feel on the inside ­ it would look like me in a Hayley Starr dress. This is why I have come to Hayley to buy dresses in all of the most important and treasured moments of my life for over a decade." -Tiffany Persons

"Very feminine and girly...I generally dress a little more rough,  so it's a fun change from my usual..." -Kana Manglapus

"Flirty. In my body. It's strange, because when I was a child I hated the touch of fabric on my skin. Now I love love love clothes and fashion!  Hayley's dresses are ideal for me because you can make them look classic or trendy depending on how you wrap them, and the material is so deliciously soft, it feels like you're wearing a silky breeze.  Does that sound too hippy dippy?  Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it!" -Beth Woodard

"Feminine, Beautiful and Romantic.  These dresses will always bring me back to that day I married the man of my dreams!" -Ella Freyinger

"I love everything Hayley Starr! Especially Hayley Starr! She is extraordinarily creative, a deep and a true soul sister. We became instant friends as soon as we met. I love the femininity of the dresses and the playfulness. They are flirtatious and fun!" -Ashley Turner

"Sensual, sassy, strong and sexy." -Lara Catone

"Magical, because she's magical." -Lola

"Hayley Starr dresses are gorgeous, feminine and unique. I feel like I'm wearing a piece of a special magical world Hayley created." -Katerina Carter

"Hayley’s dresses make me feel true to myself. No pretention, pure simplicity, feminine, comfortable, elegant & beautiful." -Kettie Jean

"Blown away that I I helped to create the person who created these amazing dresses! They make me feel sexy... spirited, and very feminine....pretty amazing when you're my age!" -Mama Karyn

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